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Mocha - Eye Surgery Emergency

Mocha came to us from a hoarding situation where there were about 30 other cats and kittens.

He is no older than 3 years and is in good condition except for his eyes. You may notice that neither of the photos of Mocha show his eyes open. Mocha is special in that he has been diagnosed with entropion in both eyes. This means his eyelids are turned inward, and every time he tries to open them, he is in excruciating pain. Imagine living with grit in your eyes every minute of every day. So, he keeps them closed almost all the time. He has learned to know certain volunteers' voices and is very receptive to them handling and petting him. Otherwise, he is fearful because he doesn't know what's going on around him.

We have scheduled surgery, but it is expensive and will deplete our emergency veterinary fund. This fund is used for out of the ordinary and costly but urgent surgeries for dogs and cats that come to us. We have had several high-cost dog and cat surgeries lately, but we feel that they all need a chance at a normal and pain-free life.

If you wish to donate towards Mocha's

surgery, it would be greatly appreciated! Please note that your donation is for Mocha. Any amount we receive over the

veterinary bill will go into the emergency veterinary fund for future dog and cat emergency surgeries and care. You can donate online or by mail here:

Once Mocha has had surgery and recovers, he will be available to adopt into the right home. Please feel free to contact our adoption coordinator for more information.

Thank you.


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