Visit all of our cats & dogs on Saturdays between 10 AM & 4 PM or by appointment.  
Due to COVID -19 precautions only one family at a time is allowed in our shelters.
Most dog meet & greets are conducted outdoors weather permitting. 
360-660-4658 for Cats; 360-660-4661 for Dogs   

Betty White Challenge

Betty White would have been 100 years old on Jan. 17. Betty was well known for her love of animals and we have already received numerous donations in honor of her birthday. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who have donated in the name of Betty White. All donations will be used for support of the dogs and cats at PAWS. 

The challenge urges the public to donate $5 in Betty's name to a local shelter or rescue.

If you are a Betty White fan and would like to participate in the Betty White Challenge, you can donate here or mail a check to : 

North Beach PAWS

PO Box 962

Ocean Shores WA 98569

North Beach PAWS is in desperate need of Volunteers in the following categories:

1. The Saturday Garage Sale: Mike Valdez needs more helpers at the Furniture Store. Please call him at (360)580-4714 if you have a few hours each week (or every other week) you could assist him. He will train you.

2. More Shift Volunteers are needed at the Cat and Dog Houses each week. Ideally we have two shifts every day, but due to the recent shortage of volunteers, we are currently doing several midday shifts at both houses. A normal shift is about 2 hours, with two people working together. The morning shift is 8-10 am and afternoon shift is 4-6 pm. You will receive training from the Cat and Dog House teams. Please call Nina Shequin, the Volunteer Coordinator, if you have a few hours each week that you can help. Her number is (360) 500-1950.

3. Flyer Distribution Volunteers: Several times throughout the year, we have flyers regarding special Fundraising Events and other activities that we need distributed and/or posted in Ocean Shores and the North Beach areas. We could use 2-3 volunteers to call upon to do this. A list will be provided to you of the various locations where they have been posted in past years. (Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, etc.) Please call Lorna Valdez at (360) 581-1383 if you have any questions or would like to be on this team.

Meet Sandy



Sandy and Elaine came to us with a group of cats and kittens that all were suffering from upper respiratory illness, include some with severe eye infections.  It took a long time to get them over the URI, and all but Sandy and Elaine went on to become adoptable.  The two girls had very resistant eye infections that would not clear up.

They saw two area veterinarians.  Various treatments were given but each kitten has one eye that is damaged and will likely never be perfect.  The local veterinarians suggested seeing an animal eye specialist.  After a long search, we found one in Seattle who was actually available within a couple of weeks.  And the initial exam was only $290 (each), plus the cost of medications and tests.

It was found that Sandy has abrasions on her cornea and third eyelid, which makes her eye look rough and impairs her vision somewhat, but does not cause her pain or discomfort.  There was no recommendation for treatment, so she can be adopted if someone doesn’t have to get a ‘perfect’ kitten.  She is extremely social and loving, and a kitten in every sense of the word.

Elaine went on a treatment plan and will have a follow-up visit in a few weeks.  She has some damage to the third eyelid of one eye which seems to be responding well, but may never be perfect.  She also is very social and affectionate.  After her next exam, she should be adoptable as well, but her adopter needs to know the eye problem could resurface.  It should be easily treated if that happens, with a prescription from the family veterinarian.

If you have it in your heart and are able to donate towards the care of these two lovely kittens, it would be greatly appreciated.  As always, any funds received above and beyond what is needed for their care goes into our special medical needs fund for future dogs and cats that need more than ordinary care.  And most people will never know about the many that do need special medical help.  We just do what we need to do.

The volunteers of North Beach PAWS unfortunately see cases of abuse or neglect of dogs and cats all too often.  We are grateful for the many people who appreciate our helping cats like Elaine and Sandy.  Thanks to your generosity, we are able to help them and other cats and dogs with veterinary care, especially when they need it the most.  We are a no-kill shelter, so cats and dogs receive all medical care needed to ease their suffering, improve their health and to become adoptable.

As always, we are thankful for your donation to help offset veterinary expenses!  To help, mark your donation as Medical.

Donate here electronically   or mail a check to:

North Beach  PAWS PO Box 962

Ocean Shores, WA 98569​

Monthly Silent Auction 
Taking a break, will resume March 2022

A HUGE Thanks to all who participated in the 2021 auctions!

A Monthly Silent Auction will be held on North Beach PAWS Auction page;   for one week beginning on the the first Monday of each month. 

A variety of items will be featured each month including Gift Certificates, Car Washes, Service Certificates, Purses, Food and Drink Baskets, Gift Baskets, Quilts, Antiques, Weekend lodging at Local Resorts, Restaurant Dining, Paintings by local Artists, Sculptures and more! Photos of auction items will be posted on the North Beach PAWS Facebook Auction page; bids will be placed by using the comments section.

Items will be picked up at the PAWS Garage Sale Location on Saturdays, Payment by Cash or Credit Card. The location is just outside Ocean Shores at 2222 SR 109, Hoquiam WA

New Items Every Week!!

Garage Sale every Saturday from 10-4

More Information on Garage Sale...

Past Rescues - Happy Pets!

Thanks to these Businesses for Supporting PAWS

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Thanks to Dr.Elsey's Cat Litter for their ongoing donation of scoopable cat litter.

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Thanks to Max and Neo for donating collars and leashes periodically, see their great products and read their story at