Visit all of our cats & dogs on Saturdays between 10 AM & 4 PM or by appointment.  
Due to COVID -19 precautions only one family at a time is allowed in our shelters.
Most dog meet & greets are conducted outdoors weather permitting. 
360-660-4658 for Cats; 360-660-4661 for Dogs   


Charlie Utterback Matching Funds June 1-August 31 2021

Local Businessman and Animal Lover, Charlie Utterback has offered to donate up to $100,000 in matching funds to North Beach PAWS to assist in offsetting the loss of funds caused by so many events being cancelled due to COVID 19. 


Mr. Utterback has committed to match all donations for any purpose from the public

from June 1 through August 31, 2021.


What a wonderful opportunity we now have to keep the Shelter financially solvent! Please look into your heart and donate what you can to help the dogs and cats.


Make a donation by mailing a check to:

NB PAWS PO Box 962 Ocean Shores WA 98569

or make an electronic donation here

It’s summer, and North Beach PAWS has quite a caboodle of cats and kittens!  Lots in the shelter and even more in foster homes!  So, through Labor Day, North Beach PAWS is reducing the adoption fee for its cats and kittens!  This is a great time to add a furry friend to your family, or in the case of kittens, maybe two.  An even bigger discount for two kittens!  (Please note, ‘specialty’ cats and kittens, such as Siamese, are more.)

 Through Labor Day, it’s only $80 to adopt a nice adult cat (six months +), or $120 for an adorable kitten – deduct $40 if you adopt two – kittens and/or adults.  They have all been spayed/neutered, had a veterinary exam, and have up to date vaccinations and parasite treatment.  This pricing does not even begin to cover the costs of surgery, vaccinations and other care – but what’s even more important is that the cats and kittens get their forever homes.

 Follow this link: 'See Available Cats' for information and photos of the animals, to complete an adoption application, and to make arrangements to visit them.  We are open 10 to 4 on Saturdays, and other days by appointment only.  With COVID still an issue, we are being cautious.  So, if you show up on a Saturday without an appointment, you may have to wait until any current adopters have completed their visit.  But you can spend a little time visiting the adjacent garage sale building!

Summer Cat Special!

Thanks to Whitney Auto Group for sponsoring Tail Wagging Tuesdays on Sunny 102.1

This radio program features a shelter dog or cat each week.

Meatball, Tulip and Sunny; Update!


With professional help, loving care of volunteers, and the generous donations of the community, Tulip and Sunny have much better vision.  One eye of each is now completely normal.  The other eye of both sustained some permanent damage, but, except for a slight loss of vision, they are both now as good as they are going to get and ready for their new homes!   'See Available Cats' for more info!

The other cat that needed eye surgery was Meatball, for entropion (eyelids turned in).  Her surgery happened a week ago.  She is recuperating and will have her stitches out soon, and then will also be quite adoptable! 

Thanks to all who have supported the efforts of North Beach PAWS to improve the lives of these cats, and so many more!  We can’t do it without you! Scroll through the slide deck for photos of the kittens.

Meatball is a young, affectionate, gorgeous calico who was abandoned. She is suffering from an eye condition called ‘entropion’. This is when the eyelids turn in, causing a lot of pain, since her eye lashes constantly rub against her eye. This can cause not only severe discomfort, but over time will scar the surface of the eye and could result in blindness.  You know how it feels to have an eyelash or a piece of grit in your eye –imagine suffering this constantly, with no relief.

It is a correctable condition through surgery, which of course is expensive. We are asking for the community’s financial help for Meatball’s surgery, after which she will be available to adopt to a loving home.

Tulip (a beautiful little dark tortie) and Sunny (a cute orange tabby) are two of a litter of six kittens that came to us with severe upper respiratory infections. Most critical was the condition of their eyes – with horrible conjunctivitis. Even with aggressive medical treatment, we could not even see Tulip’s eyeballs for 5 days.

Sunny Before
Sunny Before

Sunny After
Sunny After

Meatball Before
Meatball Before

Sunny Before
Sunny Before


Please consider helping these special kitties with a donation electronically HERE, or by sending a check to North Beach PAWS, PO Box 962, Ocean Shores, WA 98569. Please note the name of the kitten you are supporting. If we receive more than the expected expenses, the balance will be held in a special fund to help with the medical care of future abandoned dogs and cats.


Also, please note that your donation will be matched through the generosity of Charlie Utterback, one of North Beach PAWS kindest and most generous supporters! Thank you!

Monthly Silent Auction

A Monthly Silent Auction will be held on North Beach PAWS Auction page; the first week of each month April through October. 

A variety of items will be featured each month including Gift Certificates, Car Washes, Service Certificates, Purses, Food and Drink Baskets, Gift Baskets, Quilts, Antiques, Weekend lodging at Local Resorts, Restaurant Dining, Paintings by local Artists, Sculptures and more! Photos of auction items will be posted on the North Beach PAWS Facebook Auction page; bids will be placed by using the comments section.

Items will be picked up at the PAWS Garage Sale Location on Saturdays, Payment by Cash or Credit Card. The location is just outside Ocean Shores at 2222 SR 109, Hoquiam WA

New Items Every Week!!

Garage Sale every Saturday from 10-4

More Information on Garage Sale...

Past Rescues - Happy Pets!

Thanks to these Businesses for Supporting PAWS


Thanks to Dr.Elsey's Cat Litter for their ongoing donation of scoopable cat litter.

See more on their website at

Thanks to Max and Neo for donating collars and leashes periodically, see their great products and read their story at