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Sad News About William the Braveheart


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William the Braveheart Update 5-7-21

The volunteers who got to know William are crying tonight, after we lost him.  William went in for emergency dental surgery and when the veterinarian tried to intubate him, could not figure out why William's tongue remained pressed to the top of his mouth.  Underneath his tongue was a huge cancerous mass.  It could not be seen before because it was too painful to William for them to fully examine his mouth.  The cancer had eaten into his jaw and the two veterinarians determined it was inoperable, so he was let go while still anesthetized..  We wondered, after all the medications he had for swelling and infection, why he still had such trouble eating.  This explains a lot.  He was indeed "Braveheart" because the veterinarians can't imagine how he managed to eat at all.  It was from sheer will to survive.

Anyone who is involved in animal rescue or shelters knows that the sad fact is we can't save them all no matter how much expertise is involved or how much love and care you give them.  Whether it is a kitten that fails to thrive, never having had a chance at life, or a sweet older cat like William, or any pet needing help, it is never easy when they die.  It breaks our hearts every time.  Our sweet William takes a piece of us with him.  Rest in peace, little man.

We take strength in the fact that he had a couple of weeks of intense care and lots of love, and did not suffer abandoned on the street while this cancer ravaged his body.

A large orange cat called William/Braveheart was found in the Wishkah area and taken in by Harbor Rescue before being transferred to North Beach Paws. He is in rough shape but is receiving medical care from a veterinarian and is responding to treatment. He is eating like crazy, a special canned food diluted and warmed up, because his mouth and throat are so bad.  The vet could not sedate him to take a closer look because it is risky at this point.  He needs to eat all he can, rest and get basic good overall care for a while until they can determine if dental work is in order.  He's quite alert and very affectionate.

UPDATE 5-4-21!  William Braveheart is doing great.  He is in a foster home where he gets lots of attention.  He is eating well, taking his medication and showing lots of progress.  The swelling has gone down in his face and tongue.  Eventually he will get his fur back.  He is getting a follow-up exam at the vet's tomorrow.  He has a great attitude and appetite, and he gets along with the foster's dog and other cats, too.  He will still need dental work, but it looks like this sweet boy is a survivor!

Update 5-6-21 William Braveheart had a vet exam and they say he is doing great, but has really bad teeth.  They did not want to wait so he is getting a dental today, May 6, on an emergency basis.  

His fur is starting to come back (they say it is like peach fuzz now), and the swelling of his mouth and tongue is much better, allowing them to do the dental. Donations to help pay for the dental work are appreciated, just write 'Braveheart' on your donation.

Thanks to all who donated towards his emergency and ongoing care!

About the same time 23 cats were rescued after being abandoned at a Hoquiam property, all are being given medical help and taken care of by North Beach PAWS. More pictures will be added soon.

The landlord found all the cats and called animal control.  Many of the cats were locked in a garage with no food or water, and no one knows for how long.  Most of them are social, but scared and not in great shape.


Of them, only two were small kittens.  After spaying the females, the vet explained that the females were suffering from uterine and ovarian infections, which explains the lack of kittens in a group this size.  Most of the cats are a little rough, but a few of them had more serious health issues.


Flannery and O'Malley, both big, beautiful orange and white males, and the only already neutered ones in the bunch, both had facial injuries.  O'Malley's chin was ripped down to below his teeth but had started healing so the vet says it will be okay.  


Flannery had many broken teeth which had begun to decay, and his condition was serious enough that they are doing dental work on him today, the day after seeing him.  It is felt that the injuries are too specific to have been from being hit by a car, and were not the result of a fight with another animal, so we can only guess what happened to them.


Both are nice cats and will eventually make great family pets.  In the meantime, we could certainly use some financial help with their veterinary bill, and to offset the cost of having so many spay/neuter surgeries done.  Ocean Shores Animal Hospital and Dr. Stacy Steele have been great about helping us, when other clinics are booked out weeks or months.


Beyond financial help, we can also use more cat shelter volunteers.  The sudden influx of all these cats is a tremendous burden on our existing cat care volunteers.  And we can always use foster homes for the cats that need long-term care or those who would recover better in a home environment; and for litters of kittens.  We provide all the food, medical support and supplies, and the foster parent provides the love and care.  We would really appreciate any support the community can provide.

If you are able to help, please note “Cats" or "Braveheart" on your check or in the comments on your electronic donation. All designated proceeds will go toward medical care of these needy animals.

Checks may be mailed to: North Beach PAWS PO Box 962 Ocean Shores WA 98569

To Volunteer, please complete this electronic form. If you are interested in fostering, write that in the comments section. Volunteer Form

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Seaside Liquidation presented North Beach PAWS a check from their April Round Up in the amount of $1119.58. Many thanks to them for organizing the Round Up and to all the customers who chose to round up their purchases to PAWS. Pacific Beach INN made a $1400 donation to the April Fools Non-Dinner Campaign to support spays and neuters. It was the most successful April Campaign ever with over $6000 raised! We love our supporters and are able to help many cats and dogs because of you.  

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