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Shadow Surgery Update!

Shadow had surgery this week and although we all (including the surgeon) were apprehensive about it, it was successful!

His stomach and liver are now where they belong in his abdominal cavity and not next to his

lungs and heart. The surgery took over 1-1/2 hours and was very risky. The veterinarian confirmed what was originally thought - that this injury was due to targeted blunt force trauma (most likely being kicked or similar action).

He is now recovering and after a couple of weeks of 'bed rest', he should become adoptable. He should not need any special care; just lots of love. He will be reunited with his sister Sabrina soon. They are very close and she had been his protector all this time. We hope they can be adopted together. He is of course still wary of humans since he associates people with pain, but with time will learn to trust.

(Shadow was reluctant to show his stitches.)


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