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Kitties of a Certain Age Need Your Help

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

North Beach PAWS has some new residents who need a little extra care. All are seniors and lost their homes because their owners either passed away or went into a care facility.

Trouble and Nibbles are nine-year-old brothers who lived their entire lives with one person. They are bonded and need to go to the same home. They are uncomfortable around other cats but love human attention. Both are in good condition for their age and have had recent dental cleanings.

Cat Adoption Number is (360) 660-4658

Curious George lived with someone all of his 13 years. His owner went into nursing care and the family sought out a veterinarian who would put George down.

Thankfully the veterinarian said George was in good health and should not be euthanized and referred them to North Beach PAWS. George is in decent condition for his age and just had a dental cleaning. He is okay with other mellow cats and is very sweet.

Mary is our latest intake. After her owner passed away, she was shuffled from various relatives until finally ending up with one who threw her outside to fend for herself. A family friend brought her to us. The veterinarian believes Mary is approximately 15 years old. She is very affectionate and just needs a soft landing in a home where she can live out her remaining years in comfort. She will receive all necessary care prior to adoption. (No Picture at This Time)

The cost of senior blood tests, x-rays and dental care for these cats has greatly impacted North

Beach PAWS’ special medical fund, but we believe these cats deserve a hopeful future and to

be as healthy as possible, regardless of their age.

We are asking for you to do the following:

  • If you are able to donate towards our designated special medical fund, it would be greatly

  • appreciated. Any amount that exceeds what we have spent on their special care will remain in the fund for cats and dogs who need it in the future.

  • These nice cats will also need permanent, loving homes.

  • If you have pets, please make sure you have written instructions regarding what should happen to them if something should happen to you.

Donate to our Medical Fund Here

Or Mail a check to : North Beach Paws PO Box 962 Ocean Shores, WA 98569​

Write a note on the check to indicate it is for the Medical Fund


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