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SALE!! Kittens, Kittens and MORE Kittens!

Kitten season has hit North Beach PAWS just as it has many other shelters, and we are overrun with kittens. Therefore, in order to make room for more rescues, we are having a kitten sale to go along with the adult sale. Adopt a second kitten for one half off.

Sale August 6-31, 2022

Adult cats, excluding specialty breeds are one half off.

1 adult cat = $50

2 adult cats = $100

Kittens, excluding specialty breeds, adopt one, get second one half off.

1 kitten = $140

2 kittens = $210

Specialty breed kitten for regular price ($250), get second kitten (non-specialty breed) for half off.

1 specialty kitten = $250

2nd kitten (non-specialty) = $70

Want to see the kittens we have available? Check out our Available Cats page!


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