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Highlights From Successful 2023 Cat Adoptions

The ultimate goal of North Beach PAWS is to find new forever homes for as many as possible and we just love it when our adopters share their stories as they begin to share their lives with their new furry friends. Our dogs and cats are proving to be great companions for people from all walks of life, and especially for people who need that little extra only a loving animal companion can provide.

So far in 2023, 284 cats have come through our doors at North Beach PAWS, and we have been able to find forever homes for 90 to date. We have also transferred more than 50 cats to our partner shelters throughout the State of Washington, and we have facilitated the spaying or neutering of more than 100 community cats and owned cats.

Here are just a few of our recent adoption success stories submitted by happy kitty companions.


When I first brought her home, she hid under the bed often, especially whenever the door opened. It took a week or two of playing for her to stop hiding and start climbing on cat trees and shelves. I remember her wanting to play so badly when we visited the shelter. My favorite moment was coming home to a bag of flour with a hole in it, flour everywhere, and kitty paw prints tracked through the white powder. I didn't know she could get to the top of the fridge, and here was my previously scared kitty confidently making a mess with flour. She's turned into a very energetic teenager and if I don't play with her, she will find something to get into.

She is my emotional support animal. I deal with PTSD and depression, and she makes sure I get out of bed in the morning. Every morning at 5:20 a.m. she jumps from her shelf at the end of my bed and walks across me until I get up once my alarm goes off at 5:30. If anyone has a cat, they understand what a cat can be like when it's time for breakfast and you're still sleeping. My depression can lead to numbness and staying in bed for days, so her pouncing and making sure I get up to feed her and play with her helps me move in those moments. I also purposefully make myself go out and get her food at the store rather than have it delivered to me, so I shop for myself as well. I will also clean my kitchen for her. I won't do it for myself, but I know she will just knock things over because it's fun. She also licks dirty plates and pans clean. She also loves to follow me everywhere and watch everything I'm doing.

We've started clicker training and so that I can get her into the carrier if I need to, she has learned to give me a “high five,” which is super cute, and she's gotten used to a harness so we can walk around the yard together. She's quite happy to explore the yard and I benefit from the fresh air. We're still working on trimming her claws and some other training exercises.

She is very intuitive and has learned to help me when I need her the most. I also have frequent nightmares which end with me in a frozen shaking ball, and she will lick my face until I come out of it and pet her. She then sits near my face purring for a while. She's also noticed when I start dissociating and will flop on my lap and meow at me until I pet her. I'm very happy she found her way onto my lap at North Beach PAWS and decided to come home with me.


I just wanted to give y’all an update on little Eric who we’ve now renamed, Bowie. We honestly couldn’t be more obsessed with and in love with him. He has fit into our family perfectly and he gets along really well with our dogs too. We have had so much fun learning his personality over the last couple weeks and can’t imagine our life without him.

Thank you for helping us complete our little fur family.


Hi everyone! Yesterday was Cosi's (now Mike) gotcha day anniversary so I wanted to send an update. We tried a few different names, but he picked Mike. He has adjusted well. We have two tabby brothers and Mike is good buddies with one and the other is starting to come around. He gets along with our dog unless she startles him then he'll still hiss. He has been on some transdermal steroids for a while to knock out some lingering “itchies” from his flea allergy. He gets more and more playful as time goes on and is known to flat out sprint when he hears the treat bucket shake! He normally meows like he just dropped his popsicle in the dirt, but the tabbies have very high-pitched meows, so Mike has figured out how to imitate them if he thinks there's a chance for treats.


I adopted Una on March 2. I was warned that she was "too playful" and high energy. I'll say that she is perfect in every way! She has normal kitten playfulness, loves her toys, and has taught herself to fetch. She is not shy and enjoys visitors. She discovered the ladder up to my loft yesterday. We are working on refining her technique for coming down. I am just thrilled with her and I'm so happy we found each other. Thank you.


I recently adopted Gizmo from you guys. I just wanted to send you an update!

When we first brought Gizmo home, as you know, he wasn't quite comfortable with new surroundings. We first had him in the master bathroom with his [carrier], a bowl for food, one for water, and a litter box.

He was quite skittish and would growl if you just looked at him. Because he was closed up in the bathroom, he tried to find any hiding spot he could fit in, most of the time behind the toilet. He would bat at our feet while we used it if you moved too suddenly.

Two weeks later, we let him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He found a comfortable spot behind our electric fireplace. That has been his spot ever since.

Once, in the middle of the night, I got up to use the restroom. It was dark and I had no clue he was in there. I walked in and all of a sudden there was a growl, then a hiss and I just felt him go flying past me! We scared each other.

Every time I fed him, I tried to pet him. At the beginning, it was just a lot of growls and snarls. But about a week or two, ago he started bumping my hand for pets! I was SO thrilled! And now, he comes to me when I call for him! Today, I was able to clip his nails, clean his eyes and ears, and BATHE him! I am so proud of him and myself. I was certain it would take at least six months for him to warm up to me. But I am SO excited right now!


Loki is doing well. He loves the sun and being with me whenever possible. He is a sweet kitty who is very loved. He remains a fan of Churus and is dedicated to spring play. He is a great playmate and caregiver for Duke. We love Loki!

“Prancer” and “Pixel”

They were very shy the first few days, but after that they got comfortable leaving their first room and now have the run of the house, they have made it their own. Prancer (now Nutmeg) is still quieter and a little less rambunctious (though she has her moments), while Pixel is still very kittenish, running, jumping, chewing, and outrageously snuggly when he wants face rubs and pets. They both adapted to our food, water, and litter without issue. So, all is well.


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