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Highlights From Successful 2023 Dog Adoptions

Doggie Success Stories

North Beach PAWS has numerous doggie success stories to tell. Many puppies and dogs have come our way in recent months, not always in the best of circumstances, and we have been able to nurse many back to health and find loving homes for them. We have found loving homes for five senior dogs with various health issues, and we have taken in five doggos from an unfortunate hoarding/breeding situation. So far this year we have brought in 24 new pups, and either found homes for or transferred to partner shelters an additional 37 dogs.

Here are just a few of our tail-wagging successes.


Spunky came to North Beach PAWS with a broken leg. A Mason County sheriff’s deputy unknowingly brought him to PAWS of Grays Harbor County. Spunky rode underneath the deputy’s car for 40 miles after being hit by a car. His a one-year-old healthy male Chihuahua mix. They were going to euthanize if we didn't take him in. Unfortunately, his leg could not be saved. His was adopted by a wonderful family that has a cat who was also missing their left front legs.

“Princess Tickle Tickle”

Princess Tickle Tickle was a seven-year-old Pomeranian. She wouldn't answer to just “Tickle.” She came to us just two days after suffering an eye injury. Her owner spent two days going to vets trying to get someone to work with her. The eye was protruding, infected, and the dog was in danger of dying. Princess Tickle Tickle was surrendered to us, and we were able to get her into the vet, they kept her overnight and removed her eye.


Artemis should have weighed 55-65 pounds, but only weighed 19 when she came to us. She was malnourished but thankfully didn’t have any medical problems. It took us three to four months for her to gain 20 pounds and were’ happy to say, she was adopted.


Brandy was dumped near Hoquiam high school and lived in the woods for more than six months. Residents left food out but were unable to trap the dog. Hoquiam Animal Control successfully tranquilized and brought her to North Beach PAWS. Her rehabilitation took four to five months, and she has since been adopted into a loving home.

Cocker Spaniels

Several cocker spaniels were rescued from a backyard breeder. They were trapped over two-week period. A senior male was deaf and blind. There was only one young healthy female, the other females had multiple mammary tumors. Dr. Stacy Steele, DVM, donated her time for surgery. They all each enjoyed good years in loving homes.


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