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The Story of Ashes

UPDATE: 02.28.23:

It is with extreme sadness that we must tell you that Ashes (AKA Asher) did not make it. Thank you to all who supported him, and his caregivers at Raintree Vet, with your donations and well wishes.

Ashes came to North Beach PAWS several days after being badly burned in an RV fire. Because he seemed to have a strong desire to live, a decision was made to help him survive his injuries and eventually have a normal life.

He was under a treatment plan with Raintree Vet and appeared to be doing well, but took a turn for the worse. He needed surgery to repair some of his injuries but could not go under anesthesia due to having a collapsed lung. We wanted to work with him as long as he had a strong will to survive, but he began to weaken, so a decision to humanely euthanize him was made.

This was not an easy decision or the result any of us wanted, but his comfort and resolve to overcome his injuries was the most important consideration. He is now with the angels.

Previously Posted 02.23.23:

Ashes (AKA Asher) came to North Beach PAWS after his home, an RV, went up in flames. He was not brought to us for several days after the fire. His burns are severe and he could lose one or both eyes. He was immediately taken to Raintree Vet Clinic to be helped and to develop a treatment plan. He shows a determination to survive, so we will do all we can to help him recover. He will stay at Raintree for a few days before going to a foster home to recuperate.

Needless to say, his vet treatment will be expensive. If you wish to support this effort, your donation would be very much appreciated. To donate online, click here to complete the North Beach PAWS Medical Fund form. Or you can send a check to North Beach PAWS, P.O. Box 962, Ocean Shores, WA 98569. Note the check is to go to the Medical Fund for Ashes.

We maintain a specific account to care for the special medical needs of dogs or cats, but more funds are always needed. Any donations received beyond what is necessary for Ashes will be available for the next special dog or cat.

Eventually, once Ashes has recovered, he will need a suitable loving forever home.


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