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Emergency Funding Request for Dove

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

UPDATE! - 03/08/23 - As you can see, Dove is resting in her foster home as she recovers from surgery. She is a bit loopy from pain medication. Dr. Brown has sent biopsies from her ear and eye to the pathology lab, but it will take approximately three days for the results. Continued good thoughts and prayers that the cancer is not the kind that spreads.

Dove was an abandoned cat who came to North Beach

PAWS with a severely mangled ear. She has been in foster care and on a treatment plan for a week, but the ear is not healing. This concerns Dr. Brown at Raintree, and it has been decided to amputate the ear. The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, and Dr. Brown feels positive about her prognosis.

She is a sweet, affectionate cat who, once she has healed, will need a loving forever home.

If you would like to support Dove with your donation towards her medical care, it would be greatly appreciated. North Beach PAWS maintains a specific fund for the special medical needs of dogs and cats, and it always needs replenishing. Any funds received beyond what is needed for Dove will go towards the next special dog or cat.

To donate online, click here to complete the North Beach PAWS Medical Fund form. Or you can send a check to North Beach PAWS, P.O. Box 962, Ocean Shores, WA 98569. Note the check is to go to the Medical Fund for Dove.


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