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North Beach PAWS Gift Certificate Program

Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays?

Want to surprise someone with a cat or kitten, but want that person to pick out

the one best for them?

Purchase a North Beach PAWS Gift Certificate!

You can create a gift of all the paraphernalia needed for the cat/kitten: litter box, bed, toys, food, litter with the certificate on top. Then they can call our Adoption Coordinator at 360-660-4658 to schedule an appointment. Don't forget to check our page for

The Gift Certificates may be purchased at the Cat Shelter any Saturday we are open or by calling 253-722-8143 to make an appointment.

Questions about the Gift Certificate Program:

Is this available for both cats and dogs?

No, currently only available for cats/kittens.

How long is the certificate valid?

The certificate is valid 2 months from the date it is issued.

What happens if the person who received the certificate cannot get in before the certificate expires?

The certificate will not be honored after the expiration date, unless there are valid extenuating circumstances which must be approved in advance of the expiration date by the Cat Shelter Manager.

What are my options?

o Specialty Kitten (Siamese mix, Maine Coon mix, etc.) $250

o Kitten $140

o Specialty Cat (Siamese mix, Maine Coon mix, etc.) $200

o Cat $100

What happens if I pay for a kitten ($140) but the person redeeming the certificate chooses a specialty kitten?

The person redeeming the certificate may pay the remaining amount ($110) and adopt the specialty kitten.

What happens if I pay for a specialty kitten ($250) but the person redeeming the certificate does not choose a specialty kitten?

The remaining $110 will be considered a donation.

Can I pay the price of the cat sale happening the end of November through the end of 2022?

No, the sale is only to allow us to clear the house now, whereas the certificate is valid for 2 months. We do not know how many cats/kittens will be available at the time of redeeming the certificate.

How is the certificate redeemed?

The receiver of the certificate can look at available cats/kittens by going to our web site and click on Adoption and Services, and then click on Available Cats. He/She reviews the cats available and then calls the Adoption Coordinator at 360-660-4658 to place the chosen cat/kitten on hold and to schedule an appointment. They must complete the application process and must bring the certificate with them when they come in for their appointment


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