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Meet Petunia - A Lovely Lady of a Certain Age

Petunia came to us as a stray, she was left behind when her family moved. She was quite dehydrated and malnourished. As it turns out, she is a senior and would not have survived long on her own.

She has been through her paces with the veterinarian, and is now in pretty good shape for an old gal. Her blood work shows that everything is working as it should. She is hyperthyroidic, however, so to maintain her weight she needs medication twice a day, which she easily takes in soft food. She uses the litter box just fine, requires no special diet (and loves her food), and appreciates a heating pad or a warm spot in the sun for her arthritic joints.

She is not fond of other cats, but that could be because of her struggles on the street.

Do you have a soft landing spot for her to spend the rest of her days in comfort?

Her adoption fee can be waived for the right home. Call Adoption: (360) 660-4658


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