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Gabriel Needs Your Help!

Gabriel the cat

Gabriel has had a tough time so far in his short life. He was rescued while desperately trying to find shelter on a golf course during a bad storm. When he came to North Beach PAWS, he had a bad upper respiratory infection which has since been successfully treated. However ...

This handsome and brave little guy then needed a complicated cryptorchid surgery. This resulted in him requiring emergency major surgery, and his ureter and kidney had to be removed. We need your help with Gabriel's medical costs - please donate generously if you're able. In the "Designated for or In Memory Of" box, just type in "Gabriel." Any funds in excess of what is needed for Gabriel will go into the special veterinary fund for cats and dogs needing emergency or expensive medical services.

This little angel is recovering in a foster home and should be ready for a furever home in a few weeks. Having only one kidney means he'll need to be on kidney formula cat food for the rest of his life. Other than that, he should have a normal life.

In spite of all the pain and medical treatment, he is very affectionate and will be a playful kitten once he has recovered. He gets along with friendly big cats.


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