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Emergency Help for Shadow

Shadow and his sister Sabrina came to us with their mom Amanda from a bad situation.

Shadow had a noticeable problem breathing, and upon vet examination and x-rays, it was learned that he is suffering from a diaphragmatic hernia that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Basically, his stomach and other organs have been forced up into his chest, pressing on his lungs. If this condition continues, it will affect his heart and kill him.

The usual cause of this is blunt force trauma, such as being kicked or otherwise struck in his mid-section.

Understandably, he is wary of people but has gotten to trust us. His surgery is scheduled in a few days, but it is a serious operation, and he may not survive. While the surgery takes place, there will be two vet techs helping the surgeon since one will have to keep him breathing.

But he deserves a fighting chance. If he makes it through surgery, he will be fostered while he recovers. Then we hope to find him a forever home where he will be secure and loved.

Needless to say, this type of surgery is expensive. Donations for Shadow would be greatly appreciated. Any amount over what it ends up costing will go into our dedicated emergency veterinary care fund, which is used only for serious emergency cases like this, for dogs and for cats. Be sure to mark your donations for Shadow, or you can donate to the Emergency Medical Fund.

Unfortunately, animals suffering from serious injuries or neglect come to us all too often. Please contact our adoption coordinator for more information. Thank you!


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