We Need Your Help!

Due to COVID-19, our garage sale is temporarily closed.  We need to find new ways to raise extra funds to feed, house, and care for our shelter animals.  There are grants available to help during the COVID-19 pandemic but we need more grant writers immediately.  Could you help us out by writing a grant?  We will suggest the agency to apply to and can help you with required data needed for the grant.   If you can help, please email your information and phone number to nbpawsgrants@gmail.com

The garage sale is closed temporarily due to precautions regarding Corona Virus

Adoptions are by appointment only 

360-660-4658 for Cats; 360-660-4660 for Dogs   


We Aren't Fooling!

While we are all self-quarantining, here is a chance for a non-dinner and to support a worthy cause! Our annual “Non-Dinner” is a major fundraiser for us and this year the need is especially great as medical expenses have risen to new heights.

We have an urgent need for funds toward medical care but understand the public focus is on COVID-19.  Regardless, animals are still in urgent need of our care.

The number of animals needing your help has increased sharply.  Prior to 2019 we saved approximately 250 dogs and cats annually.  That number doubled in 2019 to 510 dogs and cats.  2020 will be just as busy.  All shelter expenses have skyrocketed.  Our greatest spend is veterinary care and shelter medicines at approximately $9,000 monthly.

All monies from this Non-Dinner will go directly to medical care for these animals.

How to Donate:

1.  Click here to print the flyer and mail your payment along with contact information




2. Make a secure electronic donation here.

Saturday Garage Sale 

New Items Every Week!!

Garage Sale every Saturday from 10-4

Cat and Dog Shelters open during the garage sale, this is the best time to view the available cats and dogs.

More Information on Garage Sale...

Electronic Donation Tips

A few people have said they can't get the donation form to work.

  • Be sure to fill out all required fields.

  • Manually type in your credit card number.

  • If you get an error message, try a different browser or device.

  • In case of error email the text of the message and where on the form it happened to pawsnb@gmail.com so we can work with the software company to resolve the issue.